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Published by Brian Slezak on 28 Apr 2009

Meet My New Friend

EdgarI thought I might introduce you to my new friend. I’ve named him Edgar. Edgar came into my life today after succumbing to the lack of sleep from having Paul in the house.

I was fighting it, but finally just gave in. I hope Edgar and I don’t become too close, or I’ll have to drop him like a bad habit.

No, Seriously.

Published by Brian Slezak on 30 Mar 2009

Daily Irony

Browsing through one of my image folders while waiting for a database to synchronize, I came across this picture:

5 Star Support FAIL(How often does it feel like this?)

I don’t remember taking this screen shot, but I still find it humorous.

Published by Brian Slezak on 28 Mar 2009

Here comes the spring snow

It is snowing in Overland Park, KS, in huge beautiful flakes. It just started minutes from me posting this, so I thought I’d throw up a couple pictures.