In my previous post I wrote about the playground equipment we were constructing. Something I left out was our process of selecting which piece to build. We started with a very large structure, that was going to require about 16 holes to be dug and posts set. That was quickly set aside, and we looked at the next size down. That was about 10-12 posts. Ok, next. 5 posts, and two large pieces. Yeah that’s doable. On July 9 we finished construction on our project, seen to the right here. The thing I learned most from this .. constructing playground equipment is insane! Oh my gosh. It is bulky, hard to handle, the quality of documentation is underwhelming, and you have to sink the stuff into 2 cubic feet of concrete!

It was satisfying to see the thing completed and in the ground. After it was done, I was happy to have been a part of the construction crew. In the beginning it seemed silly that we’d traveled all this way to do something so small. In the end, for one it wasn’t that small, but two it was a way of giving our time to a community in a way that was meaningful to that community. Within hours of completion, local children were playing on it. (Don’t worry, concrete sets very fast in New Mexico due to the incredibly dry ground.)

The work we did, identifying, organizing and assembling that equipment, would have been done by someone at the school, and now they can spend their time on other more important things.

It was a pleasure to be there and serve.

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