The first couple of days were low key, spending time in travel and playing tourist in downtown Albequerque. We checked out downtown and went on a tour to gain knowledge of the local history and culture. I loved it. I enjoy learning about local history, stories and myth.

On Sunday we attended church at City On a Hill, an upbeat church that meets in a closed theater off Central Avenue. We arrived early and grabbed seats in the back. Most of the people that came in were probably 20-37 years of age. They played great music (see this video from my phone of horrible quality), and the message was … Sex and Glory. In short, it referenced the song of Soloman, and was about passionate sex. …. Everything that God provides is good, God gave us sex, and consensual sex between couples is good and pleases God. … Now to convince my wife. :-/ It was an interesting service to start our mission trip. 🙂 Humor aside, it was a great service.

After the service, we headed a couple hours South to the Dzilth-Na-O-Dith-Hle community school outside of Bloomfield, NM, which would be our home for a few days. We arrived in the afternoon, got settled, and cooked dinner. Much more was to come in later days.

In the next post, hard work on playground equipment, and learning about the Navajo and Pueblo cultures.

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