My wife got up early this morning to take her citizenship exam. She passed with flying colors and didn’t miss a question.

She has been a green card holder since we first met, being of Indonesian decent. She grew up in Jakarta, Indonesia until the age of 18, when she traveled to the US for college. We have been married since May 22, 2004. USCIS provides study materials, which we studied together for days before this morning, so she was uber-prepared. One only has to answer 6 questions correctly. If you haven’t seen the study materials, you should check them out. I was born and grown in the US, and when I first saw the questions I could only answer the first 10-15! It is true that most native born Americans could not pass the test out of the gate.

She was excited when she called and told me she passed, and I’m proud of her. She has been putting off citizenship for many years, and finally decided to do it this year. Go wife!

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